BWC Committee

2023 Committee
President: Penny Davies
Vice President: Beverly Amy
Treasurer: Steven McCullough
Secretary: Mel Lademann
Newsletter Editor: Sheree Pratt
Committee Members: Jess Hodson-Clark, Scott Vandervalk, 
Simone Waddington, Jane Westworth 

President: Penny Davies
After nine years on the BWC committee Penny stepped into the role of President in 2023 following six years as Secretary and a two-year mentoring role. A member of Writers Victoria, Fellowship of Australian Writers [Victoria] and the Australian Society of Authors whose mantra is Advocacy, Support and Advice, Penny brings this practice to her involvement with BWC. 
An institutional historian Penny has a PhD from La Trobe University and is widely published in historical anthologies and journals, continuing to focus on non-fiction genre. Penny, who holds an Honorary Associate’s position affiliated to the Head of Bendigo Campus Office at La Trobe University, is involved in philanthropy and a diverse range of community boards and committees. Penny received an AM in the 2019 Queen’s Birthday Honours list.
Vice President: Beverley Amy
During 2019 I completed Cert 1V in Visual Fine Arts at Bendigo TAFE.I was looking forward to doing the Diploma in Fine Arts in 2020, however, the TAFE cancelled the course, as they have cut back on the Arts all over Victoria.
The Professional Writing and Editing Lecturers at TAFE offered me a place in their Diploma Course for 2020. Always having had a passion for the English language, spoken and written, I accepted. Turns out it was a good move as when the Pandemic hit,and we were in such severe lockdown, I was able to complete all the assignments and Zoom sessions from the comfort of my home study.
At TAFE we published our own short stories in a combined book. "Painted Words". It is so exciting to see your written words in a real book.
I have a collection of short stories (illustrated), almost ready for editing and publishing, and a Novello of A Family Saga set in the 70's on the go. I procrastinate a lot...
BWC meeting/workshop was closed for the duration of the Virus and I joined early 2022.
Penny, Steve and Scott have kept the meetings going and now we are gradually building our Committee members and visitors up again.
My role is promotions and back up where needed.
Last meeting March 2023 we had 35 attendees, which was wonderful, and an engaging, talented Presenter.
We meet the last Wednesday of each month (not December) 7 to 9 pm at the Bendigo Library.
All welcome.
Treasurer: Steven McCullough
Between work and family commitments, Steve likes to deceive himself that he has time to write. Sometimes, at the end of the day malevolent stars align and dark thoughts percolate; steeping sinuously onto a virtual page.
Beyond considering CBT to ensure the placement of only one space after a full stop instead of two, Steve explores fiction-writing fundamentals and practical writing wisdom.
Newsletter Editor: Sheree Pratt 
B Contemporary Studies
B Applied Media
Dip Visual Arts 
DIP Professional Writing and Editing
Cert IV Professional Writing and Editing
Cert III Graphic Design

I am primarily a fiction writer, poet and musician/songwriter who dabbles in other passions - drawing and painting. 
Committee: Scott Vandervalk
Scott Vandervalk has been an editor for over 11 years. His projects range across the globe, from educational textbooks to biographies, self-help books, role-playing games and board-games, amongst many other types of text.

Scott has previously worked in science research and education support, both of which have led to editing projects related to those fields. He has worked as an associate editor for Aurealis magazine for 11 years, and was previously lead editor for 21D magazine.
Of particular interest to Scott are stories, games and education, and the ways they can be connected together. When he is not editing, Scott can be found dabbling in gardening, cooking, writing, or designing and playing games.

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