Last Wednesday of each month
Bendigo Library, Activity Room 1

Doors open at 7pm, and each session is 2 hours.

$10 entry includes supper and a lucky door prize.

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Development of Plot and Character with Rob Murdoch

Finchie and the Makings of Murder (ZeroPress 2022) is Rob Murdoch’s first publication, inspired by an interest in classic crime and adventure stories – Mark Twain, Jack London, Raymond Chandler.

The challenge was to write a modern adventure/crime story propelled by the decisions and actions of the protagonist, Finchie, where character and plot evolve and interweave in the unfolding of events, mostly beyond the involvement of the law. 

Rob has dabbled in creative writing since school days. Two unfinished novels rested in a bottom drawer for years before being used to light fires. He has been a sub-editor of Hansard and, briefly, a court reporter. A lengthy stint in the public service writing reviews, reports and replies to public enquiries honed his editorial skills.

Bring pens and paper and be inspired!

When: 7–9pm, Wednesday 31 May
Cost: $10
Where: Bendigo Library, Activity Room 1, 259 Hargreaves Street, Bendigo

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